a single tribe, a new man

Marcelo Gleiser:

A tribe without enemies is, almost by definition, not a tribe. As a consequence, tribal dispute and warfare is part of what defines humanity..
..[however] things have changed a lot… the biggest enemy we have to fight against right now is our tribal past. What served us so well for thousands of years is now an obsolete concept. It’s no more about the survival of this tribe or that one, but about Homo sapiens as a species. … For the first time in our collective history, we must think of ourselves as a single tribe on a single planet. … We are a single tribe, the tribe of humans. And, as such, not a tribe at all.

I remember Taylor mentioned this “widening of the sphere of human loyalty” as present in all the world’s great religious traditions, and the emancipatory energy it gives the human spirit as  a key force in unfolding history.

The Kingdom that the faithful have prayed for for two millennia has—in an important sense then—come. This City of Man (now engulfing a Planet) will now share some of the same problems that the universal elements in the City of God has had?

But what does the development mean for the City of God, has its Kingdom come? Is Adam’s new unity (even if just ideological and for a handful of elites..) completely spurious when it comes to redemption, to moving past what being human use to mean, what it might be able to mean?

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