priesthood of all believers

St. John of the Cross:

God is so pleased that the rule and direction of humans be through other human.. that he.. does not want us to bestow entire credence on his supernatural communications… until they pass through this human channel of the mouth of another human person.

This is the trait of humble people: They do not dare deal with God independently, nor can they be completely satisfied without human counsel and direction…

“Where two or three are gathered to consider what is for the greater honor and glory of my name, there I am in the midst of them – that is, clarifying and confirming truths in their hearts” [Mt. 18:20]. It is noteworthy that he did not say: Where there is one alone, there I am; rather, he said: Where there are at least two.

Is there anything more dangerous than a Catholic with an open bible?

The personality or the community, the soul or the state, the saint or the church, the individual or bureaucracy totalitarianism.

Still an open question. And one I’m no longer convinced Protestantism, with what are essentially exclusively modern resources, has the tools to ever properly address.

Does Christ announce the individual (his image) or the church (his body) as primary? Perhaps its a case of which body is primary.

‘Rehabilitating the body’ takes on a double sense in any case.

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