the biological knights of faith

After reading The Body Keeps the Score, and with I guess a latent framework given by Lewis’ Transposition essay, it now seems very solid ground to say all higher processes (be they physiological, spiritual, astral, whatever) have a physical, chemical, biological effect. Which is to simply restate the title of the first book.

No matter what it is higher up, it will be transposed into the system lower down. Sexually abused women with altered t-cells counts or contemplative monks with ego-dissolving communion.

Are the sacraments biological quantifiable? Does baptism cause a physically manifest alternation in the body? By the logic above it would have to, no? And the same with the eucharist, or prayer, or bible reading.

And if they *don’t* what does that even mean? Are christians then some kind of biological knights of faith? Zoe, the new life, chemically indiscernable even as it is metaphysically unfolding. Surely, that would be the higher miracle? A grand gnostic cover-up in the New Kingdom community?

What am I missing?

Where are the double-blind baptism studies?

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