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A friend sent me this video (“See Trump shut down Covid-19 vaccine skeptic”) and added:

Best comment: “I’ll take headlines I wasn’t expecting to see today for $400”

It is standard internet protocol, and has been for a while I think: “don’t read the comments”. But I think it’s interesting that outside of twitter, and I think especially on youtube, it’s actually the comments on most content that restore my faith in humanity.

I guess I could be bias because of my undying love for Zap Télé and its commentators, and I can’t speak to tiktok, which would seem a pretty large part of the digital commentary-economy.

I wonder what’s going on? I know I’m open to the “youtube is for white men anyway” retort. Has comment-quality changed? Is it a matter of irony and hubris-deflation (which seems to be the unifying and humour-driver in tiktok’s most popular), and is that vicious instead of virtuous?

Even when people are wrong or go too far the top comments still seem to be sane, like they’ve got the spirit of the thing.

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