time zones and spiritual connection

“Irish Sunset”, George Bodine.

I’m out for a walk at night and suddenly the moment reminds me of a similar place I used to haunt, at similarly late hours, in college.

Might a different sophomore be in the same locale experiencing something similar at this very moment? Well, no! Because as this very moment, due to the time difference (college was a different continent) said midnight haunt is currently a midday haunt.

What are the implications of time zones for spiritual connection?

Timezone # 3, Matt Beard – Humboldt, Northern California

Assuming the sun’s movement has more than merely physical effects, that it has, you know, metaphysical ones (although even making the distinction is clumsy and probably doesn’t hold water) then the two sides of the planet are inhabiting a completely different spiritual reality at any given moment. With a gradient of difference and disjunction between the two?

But there are human institutions; the church for one, but also the race itself, the principalities and powers, some empires, some nations even, families, which stretch across this difference, which have members living in two different spiritual realities.

What does that mean? Are those in the same gloaming, the same midnight, the same sunrise aligned in a way those living the opposite pole of death and birth, light and darkness, fullness and emptiness are not? What are the consequences for community, for prayer, for spiritual warfare?