your brain is not a computer

Your brain is not a computer.

If people would take this seriously it is just absolutely devastating.

Like finding out God’s not real. Where is Zarathustra’s madman? Here’s a reigning paradigm that needs akilling.

Granted it’s a metaphor-myth that has reigned for decades not millennia.. but it may be no less potent for all that, being symbiotic as it is with all the unprecedented and unwelcome aspects of the information age.


  • Someone needs to make a start documenting all the IP-metaphor propaganda in pop-culture, I might try and do some of that here.
  • The kenotic aspects of the epistemic black hole that lies back off the metaphors truth claims I find appealing and well.. consistent with the deepest realities.
  • The status of the body/spirit metaphor that pervades special revelation is of interest. Are all cutting-edge-technology metaphors for human mind/consciousness created equal? Or is there—as I’d instinctively suspect—a validity to that one that predates and undermines the others?

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