Fellow Traveller Credentials
[as of Summer 2021]:

🇬🇧 English: native C2
🇫🇷 French: reached C1
🇩🇪 German: studying A2
🇻🇦 Latin: reached B2


«La grammaire est l’art de lever les difficultés d’une langue ; mais il ne faut pas que le levier soit plus lourd que le fardeau.» Antoine de Rivarol

“Grammar is the art of lifting the difficulties out of a language; the lever must not be heavier than the burden.”

Fluent for Now is somewhere to share and formulate language learning insights on the go. Bitesize is easier to sustain so that’s mostly what you’ll find here.

There’ll hopefully be some organisation as we go, but start with the method or resources page.

The posts here will mostly be experiences/tools/thoughts that come from continual study using the method outlined there.

Perhaps they’ll be able to make your life easier or improve your own workflow.