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how else

digital crucifixion:

Or to change the key, why would Techno-Moloch be any less a productive instrument in the hands of the Lord for the righteousness of his Church than old-fashion Moloch? Satan riding the Machine than Satan riding Caesar?

If that were the case wouldn’t Christ have had to be incarnate into a metaverse to have touched the bottom of what evil can do?

C. Gribben:

I also remember when an international government was able to control the movements of an entire people whom God had set free, when it forced that free people to register with an occupying military power, when it made an expectant couple homeless, created the conditions in which they were shut out of all hospitality, and then turned them into refugees. This was the world that God loved and into which he sent his son – as the tiny stone that would crush the giant statue of imperial power, in Daniel’s vision. For how else could the Word have become flesh and dwelt among us..