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Rex, Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurtionis, 1909.

I see two cats, and kings of the devil’s game.
I see cities of the plain and oil spills BP would be in awe of.
I see factories that fill our horizon, or refineries, or both.
I see nuclear detonations as bright as stars, or are they suns at the brown brink?

I see voldemort1, and skulls, and skelling michaels.
I see eagles in the sky and ancient frogs in the waters.
I see death stars, and grand-inquisitor comets, and contorted Blakeian angels.
I see thousands who weep.

I see fountain pen nibs crowning creation; Deathly Hallows come palace spires.
A crown bristling with taut bows, I see a sniper on the ledge.
I see a beast and his prophet.
I see a phallus circumcised by power and squared by imperial architecture.

I see a shadow over every starlit thing.
I see a great eye.
I see a dark day.

I see that God will not be mocked.
I see fire on the altar.
I see fire on the earth.