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The basis for most of my own language study is Fluent Forever. But what used to be a book/method/community has since mostly turned into an app and its marketing.

The original method has however been updated over the years, with the latest version and its associated flashcard types being the best so far. Those two links are the place to start if you’re serious about learning a language.

In short, if you want to speak a language you have to speak it.
If you want to speak a language you use iTalki. Everything else is add ons.

If you want to read a language, the same toolset is probably still best—with some adjustments.

1 – Pronunciation

Fluent Forever Pronunciation Trainer
+ Kjellin Pronunciation Practice

2 – iTalki

the italki upgrade

3 – Anki

Welcome to the #Ankiarmy!
Check the #Anki tag
Don’t forget to use the updated card formats
Best Anki Extensions
Anki Review Count
Finding Flashcard Pictures

4 – Rinse. Repeat. ♻️

anywhere from ~6 months 2+ years (?)

5 – Reading/Writing/Listening

Language specific resources
Fluentcard.com – turbo boost reading/anki feedback loop

6. Learn ~5000 cards.

Congratulations! ?
You are now fluent (whatever that means!)

As a fellow learner said “there’s a lot of people who start learning a language.. but only a small % of those people actually get fluent.. so there’s a ton of noise out there”.

The method above works.